Boat Operator Search and Rescue (BOSAR)

The Boat Operations Search and Rescue (BOSAR) course gives maritime law enforcement and emergency responders a learning framework in order to become more proficient with skills necessary to operate in the maritime environment and conduct search and rescue operations. A key element of this course will be the preparation of participants to become qualified in the tasks necessary for response to maritime safety and security operations, and Coast Guard/FEMA recognition in the national qualification database maintained by and through NASBLA.
This course has been approved for inclusion in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Training and Education Division's State/Federally Sponsored Course Catalog.

BOSAR Course Reviews

"I have heard from most of our 20 participants, and they stated that this was some of the best training that they have ever had! Thank you again for the opportunity!" 
- Tim Dorsey, Sarasota County Fire Department

"It was truly a pleasure taking the class with you all this week. How fortunate were we to get three firefighters to instruct our operator class…the humor, stories, and instruction were great! The professionalism and care you have for what you’re teaching is very evident. We learned quite a bit and I am confident we will transition into having a successful boat rescue team here on the north shore. I left class feeling invigorated not only for the future of this team but revitalized to serve and protect and that is because your passion is palpable. Stay safe in your endeavors and thanks again for an awesome week!" 
Andy MacArthurWinnetka Fire Department

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