Training Standard

NASBLA 500-2022: Investigative Training for Boating Incidents

The Boating Incident Investigation Workgroup has developed a new NASBLA Standard. The group consisted of members from 5 different interest categories and the standard was created following the procedures set forth in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Essential Requirements. Upon completion of this standard, NASBLA 500-2022: Investigative Training for Boating Incidents, the workgroup accepted the document as a NASBLA Standard. 

In addition, the workgroup recommended the NASBLA Executive Board take additional steps to gain recognition from ANSI as an American National Standard. At its in-person meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire, the NASBLA Executive Board identified that this standard was within the scope of NASBLA’s approved accreditation through ANSI and agreed it should undergo the ANSI recognition process, under oversight by the National Boating Education Standards Panel (ESP). With NASBLA Executive Board approval, the ESP formally moved to submit the NASBLA Standard to ANSI. The first step in the ANSI process was taken on October 3, 2022.