NASBLA Course Approval

All NASBLA approved course must meet the ANSI/NASBLA Basic Boating Knowledge Standards. These standards define general, entry-level knowledge a boater should possess for safe recreational boat operation. This consensus-based standard is designed to support course providers and raise the overall level of quality, availability, and consistency of instruction in entry-level recreational boater knowledge. This standard functions within a national system of standards for recreational boat operation. It is recommended this standard be used in conjunction with any accompanying Technical Report.

Parties interested in receiving NASBLA approval for their boating safety courses should download and complete the following:

For questions about or more information for submitting a course for a NASBLA conformity assessment contact Mark Chanski. The initial review fee must be paid and all course documents must be ready for review before the conformity assessment process begins. All documents must be submitted electronically.

Mark Chanski
1020 Monarch Street, Suite 200
Lexington, KY 40513


Renewals (Applies to ALL courses):

All NASBLA course approvals will be conducted in the order in which they are received. 

All expiring courses must be submitted to NASBLA for renewal no later than three months before the expiration date of the course. Only courses submitted three months before their expiration will be given extensions on their approval date if the course review is unable to be completed before the course’s expiration date.

Courses that are received by NASBLA within three months of their expiration date will be reviewed after all other courses received within their review period are completed. If a review cannot be completed before the end of the remaining time period, the NASBLA approval will expire on the course’s expiration date, without exception.