National Education Standards

Updated information regarding the status of revisions to national boating education standards is posted on the EZ-ESP webtool.

Recognized by the American National Standards Institute as American National Standards (ANS):

ANSI/NASBLA 101-2017: Basic Boating Knowledge – Human Propelled - American National Standard, effective Sep. 28, 2017.

ANSI/NASBLA 102-2017: Basic Boating Knowledge - Sail
- American National Standard, effective Feb. 24, 2017.

ANSI/NASBLA 103-2016: Basic Boating Knowledge - Power - American National Standard, effective Jan. 1, 2016.

  • ESP TR 103-2018: Technical Report – Basic Boating Knowledge - Power - This Technical Report provides information to help design and implement successful recreational power boating education and training programs based on ANSI/NASBLA 103-2016: Basic Boating Knowledge - Power (ANS).  Produced by the National Education Standards Panel, June 26, 2018.

ANSI/NASBLA 103.1-2018: Supplement - Basic Boating Knowledge – Water-Jet Propelled Boats - Supplement, effective Mar 3, 2018.

ESP White Paper – Modernizing the Knowledge Standards: Transitioning American National Standards for Basic Boating Knowledge to a Core/ Plus Approach

Insight on NASBLA Course Approval

ESP Style Guide with Terms and Vessel Types

Updated Standards​​​​