NASBLA 2021 Annual Report

The 2021 NASBLA Annual Report covers a variety of accomplishments achieved by NASBLA and its members, stemming from NASBLA policy committees, grant projects, annual events, national awards and more.

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NASBLA Annual Report 2021

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Paddling Resources - State

Finding a place to access the waterways with your canoe, kayak or paddle board is important for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Boating Safety

Boating Safety Dashboards provide ready access to U.S. Coast Guard and state-level recreational boating safety data for evidence-based program enhancements.


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Accreditation Programs

The Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Program was established by NASBLA and through the efforts of its interagency “Council of Partners.” The BOAT program is accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard as the national standard of training and certification.


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Education Programs

Boating Course Approval

NASBLA reviews boating courses to determine if a course meets an indicated National Boating Education Standard.

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Training & Accreditation


NASBLA offers more than a dozen courses from Basic Crew Member to Pursuit and Stop to provide a variety of training options for marine law enforcement officers and first responders.

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