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The Lighthouse was imagined and developed by NASBLA's Engineering, Reporting and Analysis Committee (ERAC). Members began with their vision of a place where a community of seafarers could gathernot only to find valuable nuggets of information, but also to help each other through the sometimes-rough waters of collecting, understanding, and applying recreational boating data. The Lighthouse and its contents continued to evolve, as did the entire NASBLA website. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of online knowledge and learning tools across the association, notably with the addition of a number of NASBLA Connect communities and libraries and eLearning opportunities.

In light of these changes, an ERAC charge team has been reassessing the entire Lighthouse platform and its portals with an eye toward enhancing access to and use of the committee's products. They'll be seeking user--and potential user--feedback in the weeks ahead .... but if you have immediate thoughts about the usefulness of the current site or if you just want to share what you most need in the way of information, data or analyses to do your job, head over to the Give Us Your Input portal.


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