Interactivity Option

Course Approval Policy Section 9.3A (Interactivity Option) Documents

  1. Flow Chart – Interactivity Option (Effective for 2018 or later course approvals)

  2. NASBLA eLearning Interactivity Design Rubric

    o Design Rubric Excel File with active scoring feature and Reference Tabs 
    o Design Rubric PDF File (scoring not active) 
    o Reference Sheets:
           • Creating Student Performance Objectives (SPOs)
           • Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels
           • Types of Activities per Interactivity Level

    Worksheets (for use with Design Rubric):

  3. NASBLA Interactivity Option Criteria 1 and 4 – Student Performance Objectives and Feedback/Practice

  4. NASBLA Interactivity Option 2 – Instructional Strategies

  5. NASBLA Interactivity Option 3 – Multimedia Features

  6. 2016 Instruction Design Consultant Report by Julie Stelter (Reference Only)