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The Lighthouse was imagined and developed by NASBLA's Engineering, Reporting and Analysis Committee (ERAC). Members began with their vision of a place where a community of seafarers could gathernot only to find valuable nuggets of information, but also to help each other through the sometimes-rough waters of collecting, understanding, and applying recreational boating data. The site and its contents continue to evolve. Check back often.

Take a Tour of the Lighthouse

On The Horizon has news about developments in recreational boating accident reporting, updates on policy and regulatory actions, alerts about other data collection and analysis issues, and announcements of product releases. Check back often.

The Lighthouse Discussion Forum is where you can learn about other projects under way by your peers and ask questions as you conduct your work. Jump right in. Someone will join in to help you plot your journey and reach your project destination more quickly. 

Get Equipped has tools to guide your collection and review of accident and other boating data and templates to give you a head start on some common analysis tasks. Stop spending so much of your time “re-creating the ship’s wheel." Use more of it to figure out where the ship is headed.

The Lighthouse Library is a place to find reports, project findings, web links, and other resources that will give you the background and backup you need for your projects. Save yourself from time-consuming internet searches.

Give Us Your Input is the platform for dropping off your feedback on your experiences at the Lighthouse and giving input to future committee projects and site developments. We’ll be keeping watch.

And, after you've visited the Lighthouse rooms, take a stroll Portside. Stop in for a tour of the USS ERAC and you'll be directed to our float plan--the recent and upcoming charges and products of the committee that built and will maintain the Lighthouse.


The NASBLA Lighthouse

Guiding you through recreational boating data and research challenges ... Alerting you to issues affecting your work ... Shining a light on successful practices ...

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Get Equipped
Lighthouse Library
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