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2021 Committee Documents

NEW! ERAC 2020-2021 Initial Approved Charges

2020 Committee Documents

2020 Committee Report to Membership - NASBLA Annual Business Meeting (Virtual) - Sept. 28, 2020

ERAC 2019-2020 Cycle Report (v. 2, October 2020)
ERAC 2019-2020 Cycle Report (v.1 Aug. 28, 2020)
- includes live links to webpages and document downloads; see also referenced appendices:

-----APPENDIX A 2019-2020 Full Committee Teleconference (Dec. 11, 2019) and In-Person Meeting (Feb. 28, 2020)

-----APPENDIX B1 USCG/ERAC IR&A 2020-1A State RBS Workshop Presentation (Feb. 27, 2020)

-----APPENDIX B2 USCG/ERAC IR&A 2020-1A Consensus Recommendations to U.S. Coast Guard (June 2020, approved by NASBLA membership July 31, 2020). File includes items incorporated into the consensus recommendations document by reference -- reporting decision matrix, summary chart w/data elements, and five report categories' terms and definitions

-----APPENDIX B3 USCG/ERAC IR&A 2020-1A Resource Document (v. June 2020): Background on the Project and Consensus Recommendations to the U.S. Coast Guard


ERAC February 28, 2020 Meeting Summary
ERAC 2019-2020 Initial Charges & Membership Roster (updated January 2020)

2019 Committee Documents

NASBLA Engineering, Reporting & Analysis (ERAC) Committee Committee Video from NASBLA on Vimeo.

ERAC 2018-2019 Cycle Report (v2 Oct 22 2019)
ERAC 2018-2019 Cycle Report (v.1 Sept 2019) - includes live links to webpages and document downloads; see also referenced appendices:

-----APPENDIX A 2018-2019 Full Committee Teleconference (Oct. 24, 2018) and In-Person Meeting (March 2, 2019)

-----APPENDIX B1 USCG/ERAC IR&A 2019-1 BLA Workshop Presentation

-----APPENDIX B2 USCG/ERAC IR&A 2019-1 Project Resource Document

-----APPENDIX B3 USCG/ERAC IR&A 2019-1 Project Process – Status as of August 2019

-----APPENDIX C ERAC IR&A 2019-2 State Statistical Template Report User Manual v1.1

-----APPENDIX D ERAC E&E 2019-2 Marine CO Detection Systems – Legislative Considerations for the State BLA

2019 Committee Documents

ERAC 2018-2019 Initial Charges & Monitoring Activities (as of Sept. 2018)

2018 Committee Documents

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