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Committee Charges

2019 Committee Documents

NASBLA Enforcement & Training Committee Video from NASBLA on Vimeo.

2019 Enforcement & Training Committee Final Summary Report

2019 Committee Charges

2018 Committee Documents

2018 NASBLA Enforcement & Training Committee - Final Video 2018 Video Report of the NASBLA Enforcement & Training Committee

2018 Enforcement & Training Committee Final Summary Report

2017 Committee Documents

 NASBLA Enforcement & Training Committee | Final Report (Sept. 2017)

2017 Committee Charges

2017 LE Committee Final Summary Report

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Attachment LE_TC-2017-1 ODW
Attachment LE_TC-2017-2 Training

Attachment LE_TT-2017-1 WJD
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2016 Committee Documents
2016 Committee Charges

2015 Committee Documents
2015 Committee Charges

2014 Committee Documents
2014 Final Committee Report PPT
Final Committee Report, September 15, 2014
Committee Minutes, February 18, 2014

Committee Product Highlights
Big 3
Big 3 Sample
Blue Lighting
Gamble with Your Life
Obey or Pay
PWC Renter Orientation Checklist
Reasonable Suspicion v. Probable Cause 
The Teaching Moment

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