Core Resources by Domain


This list of core resources has been compiled by the CRBP Commission to reflect a sample of literature that is aligned with the CRBP exam content and would be useful in preparing to be a recreational boating professional or preparing to earn the CRBP. The list is reviewed and recent references may be added periodically.

While these resources are not required reading and should not be interpreted as constituting the sole source of all CRBP exam questions, candidates may find them useful when preparing for the exam. Each candidate should develop his or her own personal reading list and study plan based on individual needs and knowledge.

Domain 1 - Management, Leadership, Ethics and Character

  • “The Guerrilla Guide to Robert’s Rules” by Nancy Sylvestor

Domain 2 - Boating Law Administration

Domain 3 - Boating Laws and Compliance

Domain 4 - Federal Programs

Domain 5 - Partnerships

  • The Association Law Handbook

Domain 6 - Boating Safety Marketing, Outreach and Public Relations

Domain 7 - Boating Safety Education

Domain 8 - Boating Safety Training and Program Development

Domain 9 - Waterways Management and Access

Domain 10 - Vessel Numbering, Titling and Vessel Identification System (VIS)

Uniform Law Commission
National Vessel Documentation Center

33 CFR 173 Subpart B - Numbering
33 CFR 174 Subpart B - Numbering System Requirements

33 CFR Part 174 - State Numbering And Casualty Reporting Systems
33 CFR 174.17 - Contents of application for certificate of number
33 CFR 174.23 - Form of number

33 CFR 181.23 Hull identification numbers required.
33 CFR 181.25 Hull identification number format