Cpl. Stacey Mosher recognized as the 2020 NASBLA Boating Safety Award Winner


Cpl. Stacey Mosher recognized as the 2020 NASBLA Boating Safety Award Winner
*This is a transcript of the "NASBLA recognizes the 2020 Boating Safety Award winner " video from the virtual recognition ceremony on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.

Welcome to another NASBLA Virtual Awards recognition ceremony! I am grateful for the opportunity to present one of the 2020 NASBLA awards today.

This year, the 2020 NASBLA Annual Conference was held virtually from September 28th – 30th. During the virtual event, NASBLA did not have the chance to fully recognize all of this year’s award winners. Therefore, we have gathered here today to show our appreciation and gratitude to one of the 2020 NASBLA award winners!

Numerous individuals and organizations assist NASBLA in various ways throughout the year. To show our appreciation for this invaluable assistance, NASBLA recognizes outstanding individuals and groups for their contributions to recreational boating safety through its awards program.

First presented in 1992, the Boating Safety Award is bestowed upon a state or local government individual, other than a boating law administrator, who is involved in boating safety and who has demonstrated outstanding performance in any area of the program, including but not limited to enforcement, education, search and rescue, navigational aids or registration and titling.

The 2020 Boating Safety Award is presented to Corporal Stacey Mosher with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

In 1994, Corporal Mosher started her boating safety journey as a member of the 26th recruit class of the Missouri State Water Patrol. After graduation, Corporal Mosher was assigned to Lake of the Ozarks and has spent the majority of her career as an officer assigned to the Lake of the Ozarks region.

While assigned to the water, Corporal Mosher was active with local charities, the Water Safety Council, peer support teams, volunteer organizations, and engaging with local citizens and businesses. She coordinated the Ameren Electrical company’s shoreline clean-up teams with troopers, Ameren employees, and local citizens for numerous years. 

Additionally, Corporal Mosher cultivated excellent working relationships with private businesses, local residents, fire departments, county and city police departments, marine troopers, federal agencies, other state agencies, and road troopers assigned to Lake of the Ozarks.

She coordinated “end of the peak boating season” gatherings at local establishments to network and better foster relationships while assigned to Lake of the Ozarks. This event has become a tradition wherein families look forward to gathering together and sharing stories throughout the year. 

Throughout her water career, Corporal Mosher set a positive example enforcing the boating laws of Missouri and became a valuable Marine Training Officer for numerous marine troopers. Her calm and approachable demeanor positively influenced the officers she trained. This approachable demeanor has also benefitted hundreds of boaters and visitors to the Lake of the Ozarks region. Cpl. Mosher removed intoxicated boaters from Missouri waters and aggressively enforced hazardous boating violations.   

Corporal Mosher transferred to the Governor’s Security Division on March 15, 2020, after 26 years of patrolling Lake of the Ozarks.  Her personality, knowledge, and genuine public safety dedication to making Lake of the Ozarks safer for everyone is sorely missed.

In recognition of Cpl. Mosher’s contributions to boating safety over the course of her career, NASBLA in honored to present the Boating Safety Award to Corporal Stacey Mosher. Congratulations!

Now, Captain, if you would like to say a few words…


I would Darren, thank you.

To Darren, and the NASBLA Awards Committee, on behalf of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and our citizens, we thank you for recognizing and selecting Corporal Mosher for this Boating Safety Award.

We realize there are many dedicated public servants around the country, deserving of this award.

Now, to Stacey…since 1994 you have served as a humble ambassador for one of the most unique lakes in the United States, Lake of the Ozarks. Your passion for water safety positively influenced thousands of boaters, residents, visitors and fellow officers who patrol the Lake.

We are grateful and blessed to have had the privilege to work with you on the water, and observe the highest standard of work ethic and empathy that you displayed for others to follow.

Again, your volunteerism with the Critical Incident Defense Program, annual Ameren shoreline cleanup, and the annual end of the boating season family gatherings, set you apart.

We hope you the best in your new assignment. And we just want you to know that you have made a lasting boating safety impact for marine troopers around the state. Your efforts have made it safer to live, work and visit the Lake of the Ozarks.

So, on behalf of Major Smith, we thank you what you have done.


Thank you, I appreciate it.

Lieutenant Burgun is here also. He supervises Marine Operations at Lake the Ozarks. I’m sure he might want to have a couple of words.


I just wanted to say, the one thing I always admired about Stacey – obviously, she did an awesome job while working on the water, but I always admired your true love for the water. Outside of work, you would go out on the water, you had your own boat, you did those types of things.

It wasn’t that you just did your eight hours, 12 hours, and go home. You had a true love for the water. Shoreline cleanup, you spearheaded that. You always went above and beyond to make the waterways better. You truly loved what you did, and I've always admired that.

This is well-deserved. We are sorry to see you go on, but you will be missed.


And I have another small token of appreciation. This is a Highway Patrol Dive Team coin. I am going to give that to Stacey for everything you've done, you've just been a blessing and an honor to work with. So thank you very much.



This is for sending the guys underwater I don’t know how many times over the years probably.



We appreciate everything you did for us.



Thank you. Thank you very much.



Ms. Stacey, not to put you on the spot, but you are more than welcome to make comments.



I am just a little bit overwhelmed, but I never pass up an opportunity to talk.

So, it's been a blessing from day one. I love the people I've worked with. It’s just been a very unique situation, and the staff has been amazing. They're standing over here, but I mean they can tell you how many hundreds of e-mails over the years – hey I need this, hey I need this, hey I need this.

It's just a team effort and it really is a place that I've loved and just poured my heart into. And I'm really, really thankful to be recognized for that, so thank you.


Thank you, Captain Mike. I appreciate the surprise and the setup that we did today for Stacey. Thanks Lieutenant for your comments.

And again, thank you Stacey. NASBLA would like to thank you for your contributions and dedication to making the Lake of the Ozarks a safer place for all boaters. Your leadership efforts and hard work ethic left a great impact on your fellow officers and the community.

Again, thank you and congratulations! 


Watch the full NASBLA Boating Safety Award recognition video on NASBLA's Vimeo channel!