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2023 Committee Meeting Materials (updated 05-30-2023)

Preliminary Agenda (public copy) for March 3 Meeting

Committee Calendar - applies to all NASBLA policy committees

Committee Charges (approved 11-08-22) and Roster (as of 02-20-2023)

Charge Teams with Notes for March 3 meeting

National RBS Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Committee Briefing to State RBS Workshop (03-02-2023) 


IR&A 2023 cycle - Extension - Phase 1 - Incident Reporting

IR&A 2023-1 Best Practices Development (Incident Reporting)

IR&A 2023-2 Reporting System Redesign (Incident Reporting)

CG-BSX Policy Letter 23-01

Decision Logic Based on Policy Letter (working document - for discussion only)

Best Practices Spreadsheet from previous cycle (working document)

Mapping Terms - Incident Types Terms and Definitions

Recreational Boating Incident Reporting Policy Letter Session Presentation, State RBS Workshop, March 3, 2023 

Study of Underreporting of Recreational Boating Accidents, Final Report, May 4, 2023; prepared for the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Standards Evaluation and Development, by Industrial Economics, Inc. just added

IR&A 2023-3 - Human Factors: Refine Data Collection & Analysis

Distraction-Visibility Matrix (Florida example)

S&R 2023-1 - National Recreational Boating Safety Surveys (NRBSS) -- 2018 Follow-up and Input to Upcoming Surveys

2018 NRBSS Exposure Survey Final Report

2018 Exposure Survey Questions

2018 NRBSS Participation Survey Final Report

2018 Participation Survey Questions

Errata sheet for 2018 reports

"Exploring the National Recreational Boating Safety Surveys" - May 12 2022 session recording and PDF of slides and presenter notes


2022 Committee Meeting (and Post-Meeting) Materials (updated May 28, 2022)

NEW! Resources for NBSAC Subcommittees
(re ERAC projects directly related to March 28-30 NBSAC discussions)
Action Items from March 4 2022 meeting
Agenda - as of Feb. 24, 2022

Remote participants:
if you cannot locate your email and attachment from Feb. 25 for the access information, please go to ERAC's Overall Activity area of Basecamp.  See message "Remote participation - March 4 meeting"

2021-2022 Committee Calendar
2021-2022 ERAC Charges and Team Assignments (updated Feb. 2022)
NASBLA Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (adopted 12/05/18)
National RBS Strategic Plan, 2017-2021


ERAC-USCG IR&A 2022 cycle -Extension - Phase 1-Incident Reporting
U.S. Coast Guard DRAFT Recreational Boating Incident Reporting Policy Letter
(in response to Incident Reporting Policy Project recommendations (see documents below) regarding reporting requirements (i.e., reportable/non-reportable incidents). Draft delivered to NASBLA Executive Board March 1, 2022; distributed to State RBS Workshop attendees during CG-BSX presentation, March 2, 2022; discussed at ERAC meeting, March 4)

------Consensus Recommendations to the U.S. Coast Guard (June 2020, accepted by vote of NASBLA membership July 31, 2020).
PDF package includes items incorporated into the consensus recommendations document by reference---reporting decision matrix, summary chart of recommended report data elements, and updates of five report categories' terms and definitions originally developed in the USCG/ERAC Accident Reporting Terms and Definitions Project (2012-2013).
------Resource Document (v. June 2020):
Extensive detail on the policy project and the process of developing the consensus recommendations

New resource additions regarding the above charge ERAC-USCG IR&A 2022 cycle -Extension - Phase 1-Incident Reporting

------Section 2 extracted from Consensus Recommendations --this is the section of the project recommendations that addresses which incidents would require a federal report; includes the accompanying graphic, Decision Matrix);

------Pages extracted from the Coast Guard's annual Boating Statistics report that present the current CFR requirements and the scenarios associated with the reportable and non-reportable incidents

------The Accident (Incident) Types list originally approved by NASBLA membership as part of the 2012 Terms & Definitions project and ultimately reviewed again (and revised slightly) as part of the 2017-2020 reporting policy project.

------Section 5 (Data Elements) extracted from Consensus Recommendations --this is the section of the project recommendations that addresses the data elements, fields and definitions recommended for the incident report; includes a summary chart.

------Also associated with Section 5 (Data Elements), a spreadsheet showing the elements; the proposed selections for each; whether the item is currently required in 33 CFR 173.57; whether there are specifics as to definitions or fields in CFR; whether the item is on the CG BAR form; and how significant of a difference between what is currently on the form and what is recommended.

30-day public review period closes April 1, 2022. To submit a comment, visit the Boating Incident Investigation Project on EZ-ESP at

ERAC IR&A 2022-1 Best Practices Development (Incident Reporting)
Best Practices List thru June 23 2021

ERAC S&R 2022-1 Evaluate 2018 National Recreational Boating Safety Surveys:
Coast Guard's Pre-Solicitation Notice & Call for Papers (deadline for receipt of papers 4/15/22)
2018 Methodology Report (prepared by vendor for USCG) and ERAC team Q&A on methodology (summer 2021)

ERAC S&R 2022-2 Investigate factors - 2020 incidents - pandemic
See links under ERAC Triage- Issues and Trends Monitoring (Basecamp)
Rental Vessel Analysis
- Andrew Iraola, Data Research Analyst, Coast Guard (video, State RBS Workshop, March 2)

Liaison with the VIRT Committee on VIRT VIRT
_VIS_2022-2: Develop pictorial guide to vessels regarding Vessel Type Definitions that are defined in 33 CFR 173.3 and 174.3 in conjunction with ERAC.

DRAFT from VIRT Charge Team (will be taken up at their March 4 meeting, previous version was reviewed/commented upon by a subgroup of ERAC):
Vessel Type Classification PrototypeC

Public review period for TH-22: Educational Information About Carbon Monoxide is  open. Comments deadline on EZ-PTC is April 11, 2022. July 2017 version is posted to NASBLA Lighthouse Carbon Monoxide Incidents Information and Resources page. For current review: TH-22 markup. TH-22 clean version incorporating changes.

Select Coast Guard presentations from State RBS Workshop, March 2, 2022
CG-BSX-2 Update
(Verne Gifford)
State RBS Grant Program Update
(Vann Burgess)


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