Meeting Materials 2020

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2020 MATERIALS (page updated 2/18/2020)

USCG/ERAC Charge IR&A 2020-1A (complete phase one of rec boating incident reporting policy project (materials for Spring RBS Workshop session and ERAC meeting)

See also dedicated community at NASBLA Connect - OPEN COMMENT Recreational Boating Incident Reporting Policy Project

(Workgroup) Disposition of Comments from Second External Review and Comment Period (Jan 2020)

Project Workgroup's Revised Recommendations to the U.S. Coast Guard (February 2020, For Review and Final Discussion)

Appendix A - Recreational Boating Incident Report Decision Matrix (updated Jan 2020)
Appendix B - Incident Report Data Elements - Fields - Definitions Summary Chart (updated Jan 2020)
Appendix C - Vessel Types/Sub-Types List (approved Sept 2013 - proposed update 2019)
Appendix D - Accident (Incident) Types/Events List (approved Sept 2012 - proposed update 2020)
Appendix E - Operation of Vessel List (approved Sept 2013 - proposed update 2019)
Appendix F - Activity - Use of Vessel and Immediate Activity (approved Sept 2013 - proposed update 2020)
Appendix G - Contributing Factors/Causes (approved Sept 2012 - proposed update 2020)

Resource Document: Introduction to and Background on the Project Workgroup's Recommendations (Rev February 2020)


Revised Agenda (as of Feb. 25, 2019)

ERAC 2018-2019 Initial Charges & Monitoring Activities
ERAC 2018-2019 Member Roster (as of Oct. 2018)
ERAC 2018-2019 Committee Calendar (rev Feb 28 2019)
ERAC Committee Charter

NASBLA Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (adopted 12/05/18)
National RBS Strategic Plan, 2017-2021

IR&A 2019-1 National Policy Project on Rec Boating Incident Reporting_BLA Workshop presentation


Agenda (as of Feb. 23, 2018)

2018 Committee Charter, Charges, Roster (rev Feb 2018)
2017-2018 Committee Calendar - target dates and milestones

National RBS Strategic Plan, 2017-2021


Interim Update to Executive Board, Feb. 28, 2018 (abbreviated report to board on status of charges and crossover activities; detail to be discussed during committee sessions)

Monitoring & Evaluation
M&E 2018-1 Input to Coast Guard policy / regulatory proposals / actions and NASBLA's Federal Register pages

Knowledge & Content Management
K&CM 2018-1 NASBLA Lighthouse

Investigation, Reporting & Analysis
IR&A 2018-1 USCG/ERAC Collaborative development of national policy on accident reporting
IR&A 2018-2 State-level statistical report template rollout and Lighthouse page
Template User Manual v.1
IR&A 2018-3 Expand pilot/refine collection, analysis of human factors data, 2017 analysis, and Lighthouse page

RBS Statistics & Research
S&R 2018-1 Continue exploring boating fatality rate numerator, and 2017 analysis of gap-accident location/victim's state of residence
Numerator preliminary analysis 2018 revised
Paddlesports/ERAC - collaborate on Paddlesports charge - data and trends; 2017 data/trends policy and data evaluation (for discussion)
Monitor activities associated with 2018 NRBSS and other safety/participation surveys and Lighthouse page

Engineering & Equipment Issues
E&E 2018-1 Best approaches for capturing/recording/analyzing role of hull and other design characteristics; evolution of proposed BAR question
E&E 2018-2 Develop model act and related resources re marine carbon monoxide detection systems;
Paddlesports / ERAC - collaborate on NASBLA Paddlesports Commitee charge on flotation issues (canoes/kayaks) and related standard
Update from Education & Outreach Committee's Passenger Safety Standard Charge Team

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