Meeting Materials 2019

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THIS YEAR's MATERIALS (page updated 03/01/19)

Revised Agenda (as of Feb. 25, 2019)

ERAC 2018-2019 Initial Charges & Monitoring Activities
ERAC 2018-2019 Member Roster (as of Oct. 2018)
ERAC 2018-2019 Committee Calendar (rev Feb 28 2019)
ERAC Committee Charter

NASBLA Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (adopted 12/05/18)
National RBS Strategic Plan, 2017-2021

IR&A 2019-1 National Policy Project on Rec Boating Incident Reporting_BLA Workshop presentation


Agenda (as of Feb. 23, 2018)

2018 Committee Charter, Charges, Roster (rev Feb 2018)
2017-2018 Committee Calendar - target dates and milestones

National RBS Strategic Plan, 2017-2021


Interim Update to Executive Board, Feb. 28, 2018 (abbreviated report to board on status of charges and crossover activities; detail to be discussed during committee sessions)

Monitoring & Evaluation
M&E 2018-1 Input to Coast Guard policy / regulatory proposals / actions and NASBLA's Federal Register pages

Knowledge & Content Management
K&CM 2018-1 NASBLA Lighthouse

Investigation, Reporting & Analysis
IR&A 2018-1 USCG/ERAC Collaborative development of national policy on accident reporting
IR&A 2018-2 State-level statistical report template rollout and Lighthouse page
Template User Manual v.1
IR&A 2018-3 Expand pilot/refine collection, analysis of human factors data, 2017 analysis, and Lighthouse page

RBS Statistics & Research
S&R 2018-1 Continue exploring boating fatality rate numerator, and 2017 analysis of gap-accident location/victim's state of residence
Numerator preliminary analysis 2018 revised
Paddlesports/ERAC - collaborate on Paddlesports charge - data and trends; 2017 data/trends policy and data evaluation (for discussion)
Monitor activities associated with 2018 NRBSS and other safety/participation surveys and Lighthouse page

Engineering & Equipment Issues
E&E 2018-1 Best approaches for capturing/recording/analyzing role of hull and other design characteristics; evolution of proposed BAR question
E&E 2018-2 Develop model act and related resources re marine carbon monoxide detection systems;
Paddlesports / ERAC - collaborate on NASBLA Paddlesports Commitee charge on flotation issues (canoes/kayaks) and related standard
Update from Education & Outreach Committee's Passenger Safety Standard Charge Team

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