State-Level Statistical Report Template

In development by ERAC since mid-2014, this template -- implemented in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard -- is intended to give states the ability to more easily and accurately generate state-level statistical reports from the accident report data they enter into the Boating Accident Report Database (BARD). The template is built right into BARD-Web, allowing users to select a few filters, click a button, and generate an editable Microsoft® Word document with suggested narrative, summary statistics, and detailed tables. See the user manual for more information.

WHO IS THIS FOR? States that want to identify accident-related issues or answer questions posed by the public or legislators, but don't have the resources, time, or expertise to build reports on their own from BARD queries. It could also benefit states already producing basic reports and looking for ways to improve the content of their products and reduce production time and effort.

PROJECT UPDATE  The template was released for state use at the end of October 2018. It is currently available to all BARD administrators and other state users granted access to the system. The template user manual, posted here and in the Help section of BARD, gives tips on data interpretation and customization, cautions, and FAQs about the template.

QUESTIONS or FEEDBACK? Contact the Coast Guard or ERAC. Include "statistical template" in the subject line.

STATE STATISTICAL TEMPLATE USER MANUAL v.1.1 (release date Oct. 29, 2018).

page last updated Oct. 30, 2018

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