National Recreational Boating Safety Survey (NRBSS)

In 2014, the results of the U.S. Coast Guard's 2012 National Recreational Boating Surveys were released. NASBLA/ERAC spent hours seeking explanations of how the participation and exposure hours data were generated, considering the merits of using exposure hours as the denominator in risk ratios, and developing compilations of state-level data. Products associated with those explorations--by ERAC and the Coast Guard--are presented here.

In early December 2020, the Coast Guard announced the release of the results of the 2018 participation and exposure hours surveys. During the 2021 committee cycle, ERAC will once again explore and evaluate the survey findings and methodologies with an eye toward developing products that can assist the states in practical application of the data to their RBS programs. 

Research Brief (ERAC, July 2015) 

2012 NRBS State-Level Data

2012 NRBS Fact Sheet Series by USCG

2012 NRBS Survey Methodology

Resources mentioned in the Small Craft Advisory articles

  • Downloads of the U.S. Coast Guard’s 2012 NRBS summary report, and the questionnaires, methodology reports, and micro-data files [NOTE: the supporting materials for the 2012 survey currently are not available on the USCG webpage; links will be reinserted when those items are restored.]

2012 Exposure Hours – data weighting methodology – simplified explanations

2012 Participant Survey – data weighting methodology – simplified explanation

Other 2012 NRBS resources provided by the U.S. Coast Guard

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