New Year Sale: 50% off Certified Recreational Boating Professional application fee

New Year Sale: 50% off Certified Recreational Boating Professional application fee
CRBP Application Sale
To kick off 2021, NASBLA is offering a 50% discount on all Certified Recreational Boating Professional (CRBP) certification applications through March 31, 2021. Your application and acceptance based on that application is valid for 12 months. You must begin the CRBP assessments within 12 months of completing your application.

The CRBP certification is a voluntary credential for recreational boating professionals developed by NASBLA. The credential is broad-based and addresses boating professionals’ knowledge, performance and career achievements in the identified program domains.

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The first step to attaining the CRBP credential is determining your eligibility prior to applying.

Application Eligibility Requirements:
  • Education: You must have an associate's degree or higher, OR four years of related professional work experience to meet the education requirement.
  • RBS Employment Experience: You have Recreational Boating Professional experience being employed or volunteering at a qualifying organization. You currently, or within the last six months have been employed or volunteering at a qualifying organization.
    • A qualifying organization is a state boating agency, U.S. Coast Guard, recreational boating business, recreational boating-related nonprofit organization.
  • Professional Development (continuing education): You have completed 25 hours of broad-based qualifying professional development within the last five years preceding the application submission.

You must meet the education, employment AND professional development requirements within the timeframes to be eligible to sit for any CRBP examination. Click here for full details on the CRBP eligibility requirements. 

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01-13-2021 03:56 PM

I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer and pursuing the CRBP certification.