A fee of $50 must be submitted with your application.

• The $50 application fee is nonrefundable. The application fee, minus a $25 non-refundable processing fee, will be refunded only if a candidate fails to meet the eligibility requirements.
• Once a CRBP Exam application is accepted, the candidate can test once for each domain within next 12 months at no additional charge.
• If the candidate does not sit for the exam within the next 12 months from the time the application is approved, then the application becomes invalid, and a new application along with appropriate application fee(s) must be submitted.

There are two paths to obtaining the CRBP. One is to pay the application fee and the full CRBP and take all 10 domain assessments at one time. Another is to pay the application fee and pay individually for each separate domain that you wish.. See below:

Level Elements Fee
Application Fee $50
Individual Domain One individual domain $25 each
Full CRBP      All 10 domains in one sitting $250