Linking Accidents

Linking Accident Statistics to Successful Marketing & Outreach Campaigns
Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Presenters: Mark Chanski, Boating Education Specialist, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
Joleane King, Boating Safety Awareness Multimedia Campaign Manager, California Division of Boating & Waterways

Provided again because of popular demand!
This is a repeat of a session which generated a lot of interest at the 2015 NASBLA Annual Conference!

Join Mark Chanski (CT) and Joleane King (CA) as they present U.S. Coast Guard accident data illustrating ages involved in the 10 most common types of recreational boating accidents. The results vary widely by age groups and can to used to adjust and design outreach efforts to hit the targeted audience.

The session includes a case history of this approach in California where analysis guides program use of limited outreach funds while resulting in increased public awareness.