Mission, Vision, Goals


We envision a flourishing culture of safe, enjoyable boating for everyone.


National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) is a professional community leading recreational boating safety through innovation and collaboration for excellence in policy development, national standards, and best practices.


Diversified Funding: Create a diversified funding portfolio to ensure the association’s sustainability and broaden revenue streams for future initiatives.

Eliminate Barriers for Boaters: Reduce barriers to safe and enjoyable boating to increase public participation.

Expanded Training: Expand training and professional development opportunities to better serve a diversity of needs.

Proactive Legislative Program: Advocate and build support for state and national policy positions to advance innovative solutions for safety and security challenges.

State Program Performance and Efficiency: Promote excellence in state boating program administration to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


NASBLA’s core values are a unified and complementary set of principles that work together to move the association forward with professionalism, transparency, integrity and dedication of purpose.

Collaboration: NASBLA commits to fostering active relationships with a broad community of stakeholders.

Collegiality: NASBLA believes cooperative and hospitable interaction fosters a common understanding of our challenges and shared goals.

Consensus Building: NASBLA works openly to identify the best options that can achieve the greatest level of agreement among decision-makers.

Continuous Improvement: NASBLA commits to making positive changes on an ongoing basis to enhance productivity and outcomes.

Equality: NASBLA believes all members of the association have the right to voice concerns, contributions and objections to product development, professional standards and association leadership.

Stewardship: NASBLA provides governance and develops stewardship of safe boating practices and towards its membership.