Advancing Boater Education and Training


Advancing Boater Education and Training: The ‘Spring Aboard’ National Boater Education Campaign 
(Including Skill-Program Conformity Assessment and Evaluation Phase II)

This grant provides support for continued development a three-pronged process to advance boating education and training:

1)    Continue implementation of the Spring Aboard National Marketing Campaign to increase participation by partners and enrollment of students in courses which are verified as in compliance with national boating education and/or skill standard(s);

2)    Continue development and implementation of a process for third-party conformity assessment of skill programs to verify courses meeting on-water skill standards for sail or human-propelled and to continue verification of the power standard. Successful completion will include awarding of a “Verified Course” mark indicating “Course Content Meets National On-Water Skill Standard as Recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard”; and 

3)    Evaluation to determine the measures of effectiveness of the grant project in several distinct areas: the marketing campaign; student recognition of and influence to enroll based on the Verified Course mark; and data collection from course providers of student enrollment into programs.