Verified Boating Courses

The course providers listed below have successfully completed a third-party conformity assessment process to verify the named course complies to the American National Standard for Power, Sail, or Human-Propelled. Successful completion means “The content of this course conforms to the American National Standard for on-water skills as verified through an independent third-party assessment process.”

Recognized by the American National Standards Institute as American National Standards, the On-Water Power, On-Water Sailing, and On-Water Human-Propelled standards identify fundamental skills that entry level recreational boat operators should be able to demonstrate after receiving instruction. The standards are freely available for voluntary application by organizations providing recreational boating instructional programs. More information about these standards can be found at or

NASBLA serves as a current provider of the Third-Party Conformity Assessment process.

Provider Name of Course Approval Number Standard

Nationally Recognized

On The Water Sailing Endorsement

2018-G352 EDU 3 – Skills Based Sailboat Standard

Essentials of Close-Quarter

and Open Water Boat Control

2018-G152 EDU1 - On-Water Power Standards

Boat Control On-Water Training

(Course Modules 1-4)

2018-G153 EDU1 - On-Water Power Standards

Freedom Boat Club Member Training

2018-G154 EDU1 - On-Water Power Standards

Paddlesports Arizona

2018-G252 EDU-2 Skill-Based Human-Propelled Standard

Hands On Boat Handling Course 101

2019-G161 EDU-1 On-Water Power Standards

Sea Scout Ship 957 Trip Member Course

2019-G261 EDU-2 Skill-Based Human-Propelled Standard
ODNR Introduction to Canoeing – Instructor Course

Introduction to Canoeing – 
Instructor Course

2019-G262 EDU-2 Skill-Based Human-Propelled Standard

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators assumes no liability for the use of, or failure to use, standard or technical information reports referenced in this third-party conformity assessment process, or their adaptation to any on-water instructional program. This conformity assessment process reviewed course documentation submitted for review and did not include an on-water assessment or an assessment to the American National Standard - EDU-4 On-Water Instruction. Users are responsible for protecting themselves against liability associated with application of the standard including course delivery and instruction.