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Florida names new Boating Law Administrator

Florida names new Boating Law Administrator
Lieutenant Seth Wagner

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) is excited to welcome Lieutenant Seth Wagner, the new Boating Law Administrator (BLA) for the state of Florida. Lt. Wagner will replace retiring BLA, Capt. Gary Klein.

“As the fishing and boating capital of the world and home to more than a million registered recreational vessels, Florida plays an important role within NASBLA,” said Wagner. “I’m extremely honored to be named as the BLA for Florida and am excited for the opportunity to use my experience within boating and waterways to further our safe boating mission.

Lt. Wagner began his career in law enforcement with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in 2002 and has served in many capacities throughout this time, including field training officer, instructor for airboat and vessel operations, and as a member of the FWC Honor Guard. In 2012, Wagner was promoted to lieutenant in the Boating and Waterways Section of the FWC.

Wagner reviews all boating incident reports that occur in Florida and provides instruction to all new recruits at the FWC academy on navigational rules, vessel law and boating incident investigation. He has served for four years as the committee chair of NASBLA’s Engineering, Research and Analysis Committee. He has also worked on the Boat Passenger Surveillance Workgroup, Boat Accident Investigation Standards Panel and the Recreational Boating Incident Reporting Workgroup within NASBLA to promote safety, education and enforcement efforts.

Lt. Seth Wagner can be reached by email at