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New American National Standards for Basic Boating Knowledge

New American National Standards for Basic Boating Knowledge
The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) is pleased to announce the publication of the following American National Standards (effective June 1, 2022):

  • ANSI/NASBLA 100-2022: Basic Boating Knowledge – Core
  • ANSI/NASBLA 101-2022: Basic Boating Knowledge – Plus Human-Propelled
  • ANSI/NASBLA 102-2022: Basic Boating Knowledge – Plus Sailing
  • ANSI/NASBLA 103-2022: Basic Boating Knowledge – Plus Power  
  • ANSI/NASBLA 103.1-2022: Supplement - Basic Boating Knowledge – Plus Water-Jet Propelled
These standards implement the “Core-Plus” format, ensuring each discipline (Human-Propelled, Sail, and Power) utilize uniform Core content. A series of draft Technical Reports, for use in implementation of the standards, will be posted in the next few weeks. All available documents are posted for FREE download at:
To assist in understanding and using the updated standards, NASBLA is hosting two free national webinars:
  • April 19  National Webinar #1  (Time: 3:00 EDT) All standards will be introduced. The webinar will focus on the Core and Plus Power Standards, including the Water-Jet Propelled Supplement, and will introduce the DRAFT Core Plus Power Technical Report. In addition, information will be presented on future use of the Core and Plus Power Standard for NASBLA course approval. Click here to register for National Webinar #1.
  • April 28  National Webinar #2 - (Time: 12:00 EDT.) All standards will be introduced and questions reviewed from Webinar #1. Webinar #2 will focus on the Human-Propelled, and Sailing standards, including the Draft Core Plus Human-Propelled Technical Report, and the Draft Core Plus Sailing Technical Report. Click here to register for National Webinar #2

Separate registration is required for each webinar. Each webinar will be recorded and the recordings will be posted on the NASBLA website

Webinar presenters: Pamela Dillon, Staff - National Education Standards Panel; and, Mark Chanski – Education Director, NASBLA

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Dillon at