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Boat on the lake at sunsetAgency Media Release

As boaters begin to prepare for the 4th of July holiday, thousands of law enforcement officers across the United States will be on heightened alert looking for those violating boating under the influence laws. This press release can be customized to reflect the efforts that your agency is making over the Operation Dry Water weekend.


Officer with binocularsAgency Fact Sheet

Help spread awareness of the mission of the Operation Dry Water campaign by sharing these facts with the locals in your community. Utilize these points to help explain what the Operation Dry Water weekend focuses on and why this is a nationwide effort throughout the year.


Officer talking at a press conferenceTalking Points

With boating under the influence continuing to be a major factor in accidents and deaths on our nation’s waterways, officers with local, state and federal agencies will again team up for Operation Dry Water. Use these talking points during press conferences, interviews and more to walk the media through the Operation Dry Water campaign.


Man in prision uniform holding sign "It was just a few drink; besides we were on a boat..."Sample Social Media Messages

Spread the word on your agency’s involvement in the Operation Dry Water campaign by adding these social media messages into your online campaigns. These messages can be utilized and adopted on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Be sure to use #OpDryWater.


Reporter talking with officerPromotional Activities

Getting the attention of the news media – and the public – on the issue of boating under the influence means getting the information out through multiple outlets. Consider implementing these promotional ideas for your Operation Dry Water campaign.

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Officer speaking to family on ski-doo Fast Facts

Looking for a quick way to explain the Operation Dry Water to your officers and community? Look no further than these fast facts to find out what the Operation Dry Water campaign is, when it takes place, who coordinates the campaign, and how law enforcement agencies can get involved.


Public Service Announcements

BUI Radio PSA – Awareness

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BUI Radio PSA – Enforcement

  Download Audio (English)     Download Sample BUI Radio Script (English)

  Download Audio (Spanish)     Download Sample BUI Radio Script (Spanish)

Operation Dry Water PSA Videos

View ODW PSA Videos on Vimeo

Printable Materials

ODW Flyer No Date


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ODW Flyer with date


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PDF File of Brochure


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ODW Logos

Report Form

report formExample Report Form

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