Certified Recreational Boating Professional

About Certified Recreational Boating Professional (CRBP)

The Certified Recreational Boating Professional (CRBP) certification is a voluntary credential for recreational boating professionals being developed by NASBLA. The credential is broad-based and addresses boating professionals’ knowledge, performance and career achievements in the identified program domains

These are the steps on your CRBP journey:

Step 1: Determine your eligibility. You may apply for the CRBP when you have completed each of the eligibility requirements, including work/volunteer experience and professional development criteria.

Read more about eligibility requirements and get other information about earning your CRBP.

Step 2: Apply for the exam. The CRBP exam is offered year-round. Choose a date that fits well with your schedule and allows you time to prepare.

View the CRBP exam application [PDF].
Pay the Application and Assessment Fees

Step 3: Prepare for the exam.

Explore what’s on the exam.
View a list of core resources for exam prep.

Step 4: Take the exam. The four-hour examination includes 200 multiple-choice questions. Or you can choose to take individual domain examinations on your path to the CRBP

Step 5: Get recognized. When you earn your CRBP, plan to be recognized at the next NASBLA Annual Conference. 

Step 6: Keep your CRBP current. CRBPs are required to renew their certification every three years.

Find out more about CRBP renewal requirements.