NASBLA's Engineering, Reporting and Analysis Committee (ERAC), the NASBLA policy committee responsible for building and maintaining the Lighthouse, continues to research important topics and develop more reports and tools for your work.


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If you've visited our committee page, you know that we have an ambitious charter. What does it really mean in practice? 

  • We take on targeted research questions. ERAC teams analyze incident report data and other boating-related statistics to identify risk factors, patterns and trends;
  • We work in partnership with the States, the U.S. Coast Guard, and other key agencies and organizations in the recreational boating community to improve the criteria, processes and training associated with reporting, collecting, entering and using incident data;
  • On behalf of the States, and in the interest of uniformity and shared understanding, we collaborate with the Coast Guard to clarify reporting criteria and procedures;
  • We identify and examine boating safety program and equipment design efforts that could mitigate risk factors identified through the committee's analyses;
  • Our members monitor, receive reports from, or actively participate in relevant subcommittees and panels of NBSAC, ABYC, and NMMA, among others; and
  • We interact with other NASBLA committees and panels and try to stay informed about projects of mutual interest--not only to add value to our products, but also to determine how we can effectively serve as a resource to them. 

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