Education Standards Panel

The National Boating Education Standards, originally adopted by the NASBLA membership in 1999, are intended to prescribe the minimum body of knowledge to effect safe, legal, and enjoyable recreational boating and to serve as a basis for boating education courses approved by NASBLA and recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Education Standards Panel Code of Ethics

September 11-12, 2015 Meeting Agenda

March 3-4, 2016 Meeting Agenda

2016 Sept 9-10 Agenda - Seattle DRAFT v.2

Agenda 3 -  ESP_Full_Panel_Meeting_Minutes_August_25_2016_For_Review_Only

Agenda 4 - Registration of Technical reports with ANSI

Agenda 5 - ANSI_NASBLA-103-2016 Basic Boating Knowledge Power_Final_approved_2015_11_18

Agenda 6 - BSR-NASBLA_101-20XX_Human_Propelled_DRAFT_Standard_cover w_1-14-16 and 4-3-16 disposition

Agenda 6.1.1 - Human Propelled Kim_Jackson with Robin Pope comments

Agenda 6.1.2.-Boating Knowledge  Human - merged risk and readiness 20160816_corrected version from Riecks

Agenda 6.1.3-Riecks_Harmonizing the National Recreational Boating Education Standards for Maximum Impact and Usability 20160825





Agenda 7.1 Clean-BSR_NASBLA-102-201x_Basic_Boating_Knowledge_SAIL_CLEAN_for_Public_Review_2016-08-25

Agenda 7.1 Tracked-BSR_NASBLA-102-201x_Basic_Boating_Knowledge_SAIL_TRACKED_CHANGES_for_Public_Review_2016-08-25

Agenda 8.1 Clean-BSR_NASBLA_100.1_201X_Basic Boating Knowledge-Trailering_public_review_CLEAN_9-2-16_w_cover

Agenda 8.1 Tracked-BSR_NASBLA_100.1_201X_Basic Boating Knowledge-Trailering_public_review_tracked_changes_9-2-16_w_cover

Agenda 11.1-BSR_NASBLA_103 1-201X_Basic Boating Knowledge_Water_Jet_Propelled_Supplement_w_cover_disposition_applied_6-9-16_pending_comment_8

Agenda 11.2-Review Only BSR_NASBLA_103.1-201X_Basic Boating Knowledge_Water_Jet_Propelled_Supplement_renumbered Tracked Changes no cover_9_9_16

Agenda 12.2-Action_item_#49_ANSI_NASBLA-Basic Boating Knowledge-core_standard_DRAFT

Agenda 12.3- Action_Item_#52_ESP Strategic Framework_DRAFT

Agenda 20 - ESP Rules 2014 as amended  9-17-2014

Agenda 20-ESP flow chart_REV 061112